FireWorks Inc.

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Study program: Medientechnik
Lecture: MLAB-DGP
Lecturer(s): Peter Judmaier
Team leader: Niklas Küffer
Team members:
  • Nico Höltl (mt211012)
  • Veronica Sturath (mt211039)
  • Niklas Küffer (mt211051)
  • Sebastian Steyrer (mt211065)
  • Sascha Bieringer (mt211066)
  • Maximilian Wiesmayr (mt211109)

Short description: A fun game with a nice aesthetic and a serious topic that has interesting puzzles and exciting challenges for everyone.

Project description:

Firework Inc. is a top-down 2D pixel art puzzle game set in the near future where the world has reached the "point of no return". You play as a firefighter and your job is to save people from burning buildings. However, due to climate change, fires break out much more often and that's why privatized fire stations have started to appear. You are part of one of the largest private fire station franchises, Fireworks Inc. Your goal is to earn money by saving people and keeping your fire station running. But there is not much time to meet your weekly quotas and not much time to save the people who have been surrounded by the flames. How long can you keep it up? Even though it's a serious game, our goal as developers was to create a unique and fun experience for the player that feels fresh and exciting.