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Project Preview in January 2020

On 14 January 2020, the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences hosted its Project Preview – the fair for student projects in Lower Austria – for the 15th time. Be it practice-based projects or research proposals: the students’ works convinced the audience through their quality and innovative potential.


The event gives students and teaching staff the opportunity to preview each other’s project ideas – and thus product ideas as well. In this way, the Preview promotes a lively exchange of experience, interests and teaching outside the boundaries of project groups.


Heuer gab es erstmals auch einen Spezialpreis im Rahmen der Projektevernissage. Projekte die weitergeführt werden sollen, hatten im Rahmen einer Pitching Session die Chance ein Projektstipendium, vergeben vom Förderverein der FH St. Pölten, zu gewinnen.