Malermeister FS

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Study program: Medientechnik
Lecture: Übergreifende Projektarbeit
Lecturer(s): Thomas Pollmann
Team leader: Patrick Olah
Team members:
  • Patrick Olah (mt221027)
  • David Tirnanic (mt221083)

Short description: A website for Master Painter Florian Steyrer.

Project description:

We are creating the online home of Master Painter Florian Steyrer. Our website is a virtual canvas where craftsmanship meets innovation, offering a seamless experience for clients seeking top-tier painting services. Furthermore they can explore the stunning transformations of residential and commercial spaces, showcasing the mastery of his painting techniques. The costumers can connect with him effortlessly. Our website includes an easy-to-use contact form and link to his social media platforms, ensuring they stay updated on his latest projects and promotions. Learn about Florian Steyrer's extensive expertise and the array of services offered. From interior and exterior painting to specialty finishes, our master painter brings a wealth of experience to every project. Our website is a gateway to transforming his customer´s space into a masterpiece.