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Study program: Digital Media Production
Lecture: Masterklasse Audio Design
Lecturer(s): Michael Iber
Team leader: Julian Geitzenauer
Team members:
  • Julian Geitzenauer (mp221501)
  • Benjamin Schober (mp221512)

Short description: An interactive musical rythm training app.

Project description:

SoleDance is an interactive gamification app for playful rhythm training. The application was realized in Max and is based on the SoniGait research project, as a semester project of the masterclass Audio Design at the FH St. Pölten. A shoe sole equipped with sensors measures the pressure distribution during movement and relates the data to the music being played. The resulting score is set to music during playback. Depending on performance, the user can reach the next level in the layer-based level design. A touch user interface was designed to allow for easy calibration and level selection. The focus was set on an intuitive, set and forget user experience to avoid dance flow interruption. SoleDance targets people of all ages who want to spice up their rhythm game in a playful, fun and musical way.