Study program: Fachhochschule
Lecture: iLab
Lecturer(s): Katharina Auer
Team leader: Enric Torras
Team members:
  • Denis Bayer (cc201003)
  • Carla Agulló Franqueza (mk220001)
  • Maria-Teresa Fernandez-Cotrina (mk220008)
  • Silke Scheerder (mt220030)
  • Mariia Serafimova (mt220036)
  • Enric Torras Ruiz (so211033)

Short description: Digi-Truck the mobile meeting point for senior: Digital Skills, Buddies & Coffee

Project description:

The digi-truck is a project created by a student iLab team, that tries to overcome the digital gap on people over 65, living in rural areas. We aim to offer a mobile meeting point for seniors to meet, socialise with their peers, have a coffee and receive and exchange digital advice in order to improve their digital skills. Our end result is improving inclusion in digitalisation. We are still working on improving this project, receiving feedback from them, adapting to fit in their lives, and helping our target in the best way possible. Digital gap is a real problem that affects everyone, that is why our prototype is tackling it, trying also to improve confidence in people over 65 using digital devices, and also for them to feel that they are not alone with this problem and that someone else is helping with it.