Shiatsu Dojo International

Study program: Medientechnik
Lecture: Übergreifende Projektarbeit
Lecturer(s): Christian Jandl
Team leader: Katrin Kanzian
Team members:
  • Katrin Kanzian (mt211069)
  • Flora Zotlöterer (mt211098)

Short description: We created a website that combines the art of shiatsu with the health parts.

Project description:

The course Overarching Project Work is about the creation of a website and customer contact to get an insight into the reality of a possible job after graduation. Here, the focus is more on customer satisfaction and project management than on the actual project execution. In addition to various exercises on how to handle a meeting, the course also includes a variety of workshops, for example the workshop on how to calculate a quote. Our customer in this course is an expert in Shiatsu that was looking for a new way to represent her work. We wanted to create a website that combines the beauty of Shiatsu and health in an artsy way. With that we decided to go with with earthy tones for the homepage to create a calm environment. With the photos that we shot at her office we had the perfect finished look for the project.