Nattastoy - "Pocket" M/V

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Study program: Medientechnik
Lecture: Übergreifende Projektarbeit
Lecturer(s): Andreas Büchele
Team leader: Paula Flora Fanta
Team members:
  • Sophie Winter (mt211027)
  • Fabian Schönberger (mt211034)
  • Sophie Hackl (mt211038)
  • Valentin Steidl (mt211043)
  • Paula Flora Fanta (mt211110)

Short description: Production of a music video for the song "Pocket" by the rock band Nattastoy.

Project description:

Our group is producing a conceptual music video for the song "Pocket" by the three men rock band "Nattastoy" from Lower Austria. The song tells the story of a person who is waiting for other people to live their life and responsibilities for them. As the song consists of three major parts (verse/chorus - instrumental - chorus) we have decided to also divide our music video into three sections. In the first part the main character is living in a fantasy, which is then interrupted by the second part, in which reality hits them. Part two results in a mental breakdown, which makes up for the third and last part of the video. For the visuals we have decided to go with a desaturated color scheme with darker and cooler colors, such as grays, blues and black. This video is supposed to express the feelings a person, who is stuck in a routine and doesn't know how to escape it on their own, goes through. A story most people will find somewhat relatable.