Notes from the Past

Study program: Medientechnik
Lecture: MediaLab DGP
Lecturer(s): Peter Judmaier
Team leader: Lukas Heinzl
Team members:
  • Lukas Heinzl (mt201010)
  • Sebastian Grün (mt201045)
  • Dawid Lewandowski (mt201076)
  • Michael Forthuber (mt201089)
  • Cajetan Grill (mt201096)

Short description: Notes from the Past is a Walking simulator playable on Windows, set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans became extinct.

Project description:

Notes from the Past explores human culture through the lens of an alien lifeform. Discovering the Voyager probe and deciphering the Golden Record led these aliens to find music. Enthralled by melodies never thought possible, they began their journey to Earth. While exploring an abandoned house an alien discovers the story of humanity and its sudden end. Explore an expansive house filled with puzzles. Collect artefacts of humanity and find out what caused civilization to end. Listen to recordings of the people that lived there and learn about their fate. The age of the target group ranges between 18 and 24. The game is aimed at casual players who are familiar with basic 3D-Movement and controls. The target audience should enjoy playing walking simulators and have their expectations set accordingly.