The Basic Idea

The Basic Idea

A Projects Vernissage is a project management tool. The objective is to not only present the project idea to the students’ own study programme but also to discuss it with a broad audience.

The Projects Vernissage at the St. Pölten UAS

Within the framework of the Projects Vernissage, students of the St. Pölten UAS present their projects, thus sharing their various works developed in the course of their study programmes with a broad audience. What makes the Projects Vernissage so special is the fact that projects from all study programmes are presented – and the event therefore offers an interdisciplinary platform for brainstorming and idea exchange. The Vernissage’s aim is to offer students and teachers an opportunity to examine each other’s project and product ideas. The result is a lively exchange of experience, interests, and teaching even outside the project groups.

Objective: Project Marketing

When it comes to the presentation of teaching projects, the focus is not just on the results but, above all, on the processes of project definition, brainstorming, development and, if applicable, implementation. In the previous Projects Vernissage, the students already inspired the audience with their ideas and expertise, thus leaving a lasting impression. As for the upcoming Vernissage, visitors can expect great project presentations once again.

Dialogue between Science and Business

The Projects Vernissage can also serve as an opportunity to discuss future projects with companies. Business representatives get an idea of the students’ work, which may encourage them to seek opportunities for fruitful cooperation.

The Objectives at a Glance:

  • Interesting projects and appealing sponsoring prizes ought to motivate students, teachers, and expert audiences to participate in the event.
  • This is not an internal UAS event – the focus is on media presence and invited guests. The goal is to gain the visitors’ attention and to further improve the image of the UAS.
  • The participants present interdisciplinary work in order to set a good example for the future (e.g. web design & usability in collaboration with the project group from the study programme Media Management).
  • The Projects Vernissage is to serve as the beginning of further cooperation between the business world and the students.