FAQ for Exhibitors

FAQ for Exhibitors

General Information

What is the objective of the Projects Vernissage?

The motto ‘projekte.verbinden’ (connecting.projects) is to be taken literally. The Projects Vernissage offers all students, teachers, staff members, and interested parties the unique chance to obtain information about projects of all departments.
We encourage all exhibitors to take a look at their colleagues’ and other departments’ stands as well. Let each other’s projects inspire you and seize this opportunity to exchange your views!

What is the schedule of the Projects Vernissage?

  • 15:00 | Official opening in the Large Assembly Hall
  • 15:00–18:30 | Presentation of the project booths
  • 15:00–18:00 | Assessment by a jury made up of participating students
  • 15:30-16:00 | Project pitching session in the Large Assembly Hall
  • 18:00 | Award ceremony for the project booths

Who can attend the Projects Vernissage?

Everyone! All interested persons, friends, and family are welcome at the Projects Vernissage. Please feel free to invite project clients, internship companies, and colleagues as well!



What do I have to know about the application tool/process?

  • Exhibitors can choose their own stand location in the project application. First come, first served!
  • The students themselves evaluate the projects! Within the framework of the project application, every team chooses at least 1 team member who is responsible for evaluating the other stands.

What types of projects are admitted?

All projects from teaching, from all different  study programmes and continuing education programmes of the St. Pölten UAS, no matter the study year (and also in English), may be  admitted to the Projects Vernissage.

Please note that we can only consider complete project applications.

Until when can I apply? What access details do I use?

Please apply with your name and project by 17 December (Projects Vernissage Winter) resp. 31 May (Projects Vernissage Summer) and secure yourself a first-row location at the event. You can use your usual UAS login to do this.

Click here for the project application

Does every team member have to apply separately?

No, we need only one application per project, preferably submitted by the project leader, which includes a list of all team members (as processing rights will be allocated to all team members).

I want to apply with my project but I need some information first. Can I still change my application later on?

Yes, you can log into the system at any time until the registration deadline and change everything or add details, e.g. upload a picture, rephrase the description, describe the booth requirements, have posters printed, etc.

I have carried out the project application. How do I know whether it was successful?

When the system receives a project application, it sends a confirmation e-mail to you and all indicated team members. Moreover, your project is automatically included in the project gallery. Please make sure whether your project is displayed in the project gallery.


Booth Equipment and Design

What is included in the standard booth equipment?

Every booth is reserved a space of 2×2 metres. The project teams can hang up posters (pin board, glass surface, wall – depending on the respective location).

Until when should I order my additional equipment?

Please let the project administration (under ‘Standgestaltung’; booth design) know by 1 January | 12:00 (Projects Vernissage Winter) resp. 31 May | 12:00 (Projects Vernissage Summer) which kind of additional equipment you need from the organisers (this includes power connections).
Attention: This is possible only if you applied with your project by the registration deadline.

I need a monitor, beamer, radio, computer, or similar devices for my booth. Do the organisers provide such equipment as well?

No, unfortunately not. You can, however, make use of the UAS rental systems in an independent and timely manner.
If you have any further questions, please contact: projektevernissage@fhstp.ac.at

Am I allowed to bring my own furniture, devices, posters, etc.? Can I play music?

Yes, you are free to use everything that you can fit in your allocated space (2x2m). However, you are not allowed to permanently stick or spray anything on the walls. Please avoid unpleasant smells (e.g. due to sprays, glue, etc.) and very loud sounds or music that might impair the other exhibitors’ presentations.
Attention: highly flammable materials (such as straw, dry brushwood, etc.) are not allowed. For further questions, contact projektevernissage@fhstp.ac.at

How do I get my requested equipment?

As far as possible, the requested furnishings and electricity will already be waiting for you at the booth. Alternatively, there will be an information as to where you can get and return your equipment. Klaus Temper is responsible for the coordination. On the day of the event please contact Peter Hackl-Lehner | T: +43 676 847 228 678.

Can I have a poster for my project printed at the UAS?

If you need a poster, you can request the event team of the Projects Vernissage to have it printed. You can upload the posters and indicate the desired print size by 8 January | 12:00 (Projects Vernissage Winter) resp. 10 June | 12:00 (Projects Vernissage Summer) by using the file upload in the project administration. Only PDF files in the correct size (A0 or A1) and bled-off format and can be printed! There is no guarantee for Word, Excel or JPEG files and format sizes A6–A2. Posters can be collected on the event day at the stage in the large assembly hall.
Attention: take care to indicate the copyright holders of images/graphics!

How and where do I find out the location of my booth?

You are free to choose a location for your booth. Availability follows the first-come-first-served principle! In addition, the floorplan will be available on the homepage of our website.
Attention: location requests have to be well-founded and the booth design described accordingly. The event team reserves the right to rearrange booths according to their design. (For example, if a team has reserved a prominent location with a lot of space for their booth but intends to put up only one poster, this booth would be moved to a different location.)
The deadline for the booth descriptions is 1 January (Projects Vernissage Winter) resp. 31 May (Projects Vernissage Summer).


Jury and Assessment

What is the composition of the jury?

  • The jury consists of exhibiting students.
  • Every team chooses one member (on the application form during the project application) who sits on the jury.
  • A jury team is made up of two persons from different study programmes who are brought together at random.
  • Participants will receive information regarding their jury partner and activation codes for the app via e-mail.

How does the jury give its assessment?

  1. Jury member A meets with her/his allocated jury member B.
  2. The team A+B logs into the assessment app together, thus activating the assessment (which requires the activation codes of both jury members).
  3. The jury team visits the 5-6 booths allocated to them.
  4. Jury members A and B assess the project booths together based on the criteria (using the respective booth codes).

In case a jury team does not issue an assessment, the booths that these jury members come from are disqualified from the award ceremony.

What happens if I cannot find the jury member of the other project?

The assessment can also be carried out with any other registered project member. If no member of the allocated project booth is present, please contact Peter Hackl-Lehner | T: +43 676 847 228 678..

Which criteria is the assessment based on?

  • Booth design
  • Presentation of the project process
  • Quality/originality
  • Performance of the project team

Are the projects clustered in terms of content?

Specialists from the departments allocate the project booths to content-related main categories. One winning team per category is selected through the juries’ assessment (directly via the app).


More Information

Is there a budget for the exhibitors? If so, what can I spend it on?

Yes, every project team can spend a budget of up to EUR 30 on their booth. The costs will be reimbursed after the Projects Vernissage only against submission of an invoice. The budget can be used for all kinds of marketing measures in terms of booth design and refreshments. The submission of invoices and reimbursement of costs is carried out exclusively by the service unit Event Management (Building A, second floor, room 2.25) until 31 January (Projects Vernissage Winter) resp. 30 June (Projects Vernissage Summer) at the latest. Please download the cost reimbursement form and send it by e-mail to projektevernissage@fhstp.ac.at. The original invoice must be attached to the form!

When can we start to set up our booth?

You can begin designing your booth on the day of the event from 12:00.

Where can I find the general conditions of participation for events at the St. Pölten UAS?

By submitting your project within the framework of the Projects Vernissage, you and your project team agree with the data protection regulations.